To my mothers to be, I want you to feel the most comfortable. I like to take my time with these sessions. I will give you the option to change cause again I want you to feel beautiful, cause you are. You are growing a life what's more beautiful then that.

session: $125

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this time with your kids is so important

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

This little guy is mine. My Bellamy, my wild sour patch son. I wish I could keep him small forever but TIME has other plans for him so I get to capture this moment in his life that I'm able to look back on and show my future love one's.

I want you to enjoy the moments with yourself, and those whom you love while working with me. Every cry, every laugh and every little goofy face expression.


Be kind to yourself..

"Be kind to your body, gentle with your mind and patient with your heart. Stay true to your spirit, cherish your soul and never doubt yourself" -anonymous


What time of day do you schedule sessions?

I try to avoid harsh mid day sun by scheduling sessions around sunrise or sunset. But location plays a big roll. If a certain time of day works best for you and your family. I'll look for a location with big trees and shade.

How should we dress for our family session?

Avoid very busy pattern and bright colors, but most of all dress comfortable. I want you to be 100% YOU in your photos. Feel good in your clothes and you will look amazing in your photos.

Do you only shoot at certain spots?

No, I'm open to all different location. If it's a place that is special to you then I will make it work. If is a location I've never been then I will happily take a trip to get a feel of the area or arrive 30 minute before. I love the outdoors, so a lot of my sessions are.

We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

Yes, But don't worry we will get you feeling confident. Its all about your comfort level and how you are feeling. Having fun and enjoying the day can change your perception.

I also offer Senior/Grad sessions. Message me if interested in something specific and Ill send you a quote.